Weight Loss

SHED THOSE STUBBORN POUNDS while following the Natural HCG Diet Plan!

-This is a life changing program!

If you have struggled to lose weight, tried diet after diet, or feel like there is nothing you can do to keep the weight off, there is a solution!  Dr. Caputo specializes in helping people lose weight, especially weight that may be associated with hormonal or metabolic changes.  The Inspire-Wellness HCG Diet Plan uses pharmaceutical grade HCG along with a very specific diet to help you lose weight.

Dr Daniel Caputo is dedicated to helping people like you successfully solve your weight problems and overcome the exhausting fight against weight that just wont seem to come off or stay off.  Dr Caputo will supervise your weight loss program and help you begin on the path towards natural and healthful eating.  You will be given the tools you need for successful weight maintenance following your weight loss.  You can overcome your obstacles to losing that weight!

Dr. Caputo offers a safe and effective Naturopathic Weight Loss Program unlike many of the commercial programs on the market. The Inspire-Wellness Weight Loss program is designed to facilitate the proper functioning of your metabolism and help your body work for you instead of against you! This medically supervised program is safe and effective for both men and women- and is individualized for you!  Dr. Caputo has had life changing results with his patients that are participating in his Natural HCG Diet and weight loss program because it treats the whole you and not only your weight. This is a serious solution for weight loss because it offers a different path—one that will help you lose the weight and keep it off naturally.

Dr Caputo’s Natural HCG Diet Program works because it isn’t just a diet—

It is a lifestyle change!

It is an attitude change!

It is a way to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Dr. Caputo’s unique Weight Loss Program includes a combination of cleansing, enriching the diet with organic foods, balancing hormones, and implementing a long term lifestyle plan that will help you maintain your weight loss and reclaim your vitality for life!

–The Inspire-Wellness Weight Loss Program provides all of the necessary components that you will need to reach your individual weight loss objective.

–Balancing your metabolism is a goal of this treatment and is necessary for the long term maintenance of your ideal weight. Successful, efficient weight loss can be a core side-benefit of this specialty treatment.

–Upon enrollment, you will receive a comprehensive workbook of information detailing the steps of our Weight Loss Program.

– Daily weight loss is common during Dr. Caputo’s Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program.

–Your personalized plan will work in phases, according to your individual goals and needs.

Several other positive side effects have also become associated with Dr. Caputo’s natural Weight Loss Program. These may include:

  • –Increased energy levels during the day
  • –Clearer thought processes
  • –Improved sleep at night
  • –Feeling less irritable
  • –Fewer food cravings
  • –Fewer other symptoms such as headaches
  • –Overall improvements in sense of well being
  • –Improved hormone balance

To learn more about Dr Caputo’s hCG Weight Loss Program, call:

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